NDT Training centre

The NDT Personnel Training Centre of AEROQ-NDT is certified by the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA).

We offer NDT training to form level I, II and III technicians for every industrial sector:

  • RT – Radiographic testing of structures and structural components
  • UT – Ultrasonic testing
  • ET – Eddy currents flaw detection
  • PT – Penetrant flaw detection
  • MT – Magnetic particle inspection
  • VT – Optical-visual inspection (e.g. endoscopy)
  • TG – Measurement of material’s thickness and covers

Our instructors and examiners are Level 3 authorized according to EN ISO 9712, SN-TC-1A and other specific regulations for the aerospace industry. Our course structure is based on EN 4179/ NAS 410 for the aerospace industry and EN ISO 9712/ SN-TC-1A for the horizontal industry.

We are perfectly flexible in organizing courses to accomodate our clients needs:

  • No waiting period: we organize training for as few as 1 or 2 technicians
  • Flexible location: at our own facilities or at the clients’ location
  • Custom timing: we strive to accommodate clients’ requests in order to minimally impact production

Starting 2017, we opened our new, state-of-the art training facilities, which will offer our clients a top learning and practice experience.