About Us

AEROQ-NDT is the leading independent supplier of non-destructive testing services for the aerospace industry in Romania. Our company is authorized and certified by the Romanian Ministry of Transportation, through its agency, the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority  – a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency. The scope of the certification covers the activity of the non-destructive testing  (”NDT”) laboratory and the NDT personnel training centre.

Our company was established in 2006 to support the local aerospace industry with its non-destructive laboratory activities. In time, we expanded our activity to reach all industries.

In 2008, the company established its personnel training centre for non-destructive testing. Our training is based on EN 4179/ NAS 410 for the aerospace industry and EN ISO 9712/ SN-TC-1A for the horizontal industry.

In addition, we offer Level 3 consultancy services for the organization and authorization of NDT laboratories.

Our headquarters are in Brașov. In 2017, we established new facilities (laboratory and training centre) in Vad (Brașov county). We are equipped with the latest technologies in order to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.